Appendix 6. The Fitzjames

From “Last of the Windjammers: Vol. 1.”, Basil Lubbock, pub. by Brown Son & Ferguson.

The Fitzjames was launched by Hamilton’s of Port Glasgow in March 1902.

On her maiden passage, she sailed from Glasgow for Sydney and Captain Fearon had an interesting race with the Derwent  from London, Kilmenie from Sharpness, and the Acnashie from Liverpool, which three ships had sailed 5 days ahead of him.  After a very stormy passage, all four ships moored at Port Jackson on September 9th, within a few hours of each other.

This splendid modern full-rigger was snapped up by F Laeisz in 1909, for £8,000 or £4 7s per ton.  The Fitzjames under the name of Pinnas was dismasted and abandoned in 1929 when outward bound for Chile.

Sister ships are Eva Montgomery  and Lady Doris.